How to Seek an Assisted Living Waiver

Posted by admin on October 16, 2013

Many aging Americans would like nothing more than to live out their days in their own homes. Unfortunately, as individuals age, this goal becomes more and more unrealistic. This is because the older an individual gets, the more difficult everyday functions, such as preparing meals, toileting, and paying bills, becomes.

For these individuals, a good option may be Assisted Living. Assisted living allows seniors to live in a home-like setting, while also receiving necessary personal support services. Assisted living is a good alternative to a nursing home because it is less expensive and allows seniors to retain a degree of independence.

The Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver program assists seniors who choose assisted living but may be at risk of requiring nursing home placement. In order to qualify for this program, individuals must meet financial and physical eligibility requirements. Seniors who participate in this program must be living in an assisted living facility. If a senior is selected to participate in this program, he or she will be assigned a caseworker who will design a unique care plan for him or her. This care plan may include services such as assistance with grooming and bathing, preparing meals, cleaning, health services, transportation, medication administration, and social activities.

The Medicaid Assisted Living Waiver program is provided through each state, individually. Therefore, in order to see if you qualify, contact your local Area Agency on Aging.