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I practice estate planning and conservatorship for my clients to ensure that their personal financial matters and medical care desires are legally established and managed as life changes.  My goal is to fully understand my client’s goals, and needs and provide them the peace of mind that comes from good communications and trusting relationships.

In addition, I have a special interest in the complexities that occur for individuals and families with disabilities and special needs.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of state and federal systems and available resources to maximize the quality of life possible.

I use my education, experience, talents and abilities to best serve others within Riverside County.

With that in mind, my mission is to:

1)  Develop long-term relationships with my clients providing estate planning & administration services.  I spend the time with my clients so I fully understand my client’s circumstances, needs, goals and anxieties and insure my clients understand their estate plan.  I provide on going advise & counsel to support my clients evolving estate-planning needs. 

2)  Develop long-term relationships with financial professionals to develop a synergy in working with clients

3)  Serve the special needs community providing advise & counsel and frequently providing pro bono counsel to special needs families.

4)  Continue to develop & maintain expertise in the estate planning & administration to best serve my clients. 



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I cover the following

- Estate Planning
- Special Needs Trust
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