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My "Simple Process"


On our first visit I will listen to your needs, explain Estate Planning objectives and show you examples of my work. There is no cost or obligation for this meeting.  My goal is to understand your needs and provide you a solid understanding of the expectations of Estate Planning.

When you are ready to proceed, we set up a planning meeting where we design the trust around your needs & desires.  I then prepare the necessary documents that include the Revocable Living Trust, Pour Over Wills, Advanced Health Care Directives, HIPAA Releases and Financial Powers of Attorneys.  We then set up a draft review meeting where I personally go page by page through all of the documents with you.  Updates are made and a final review, sign-off and notarization is conducted.  I want you to understand your estate plan documents.  You leave with a complete estate plan that is notarized, organized and easy to access including an electronic copy.  As your life changes, it can be kept up to date.

Cost – Complete Estate Plan – Everyone is concerned about cost and I understand.  Prices range from $3,000 to $5,000 for a complete Estate Plan for a couple, usually less for a single person. 

This includes:

·     Joint Revocable Living Trust

·     Wills for both of you

·     Power of Attorney over Financial Affairs for both of you – Short Form

·     Power of Attorney over Financial Affair for both of you – Long form

·     Advanced Health Care Directive for both of you.  Identifies an agent to make health care decisions if you are unable and provides for specific instructions on health care

·     Transfer of one California Real Property (Deed) into your trust

·     Tribute / Memorial Instructions for both of you

·     3rd Party Stand Alone Special Needs Trust if needed

·     Trust Identification Cards

·     Personal Property Distributions Instructions

·     Your completed Estate Plan comes in a handsome binder along with electronic copies.  An additional hard copy is available upon request. 

·     The price includes one full year of consultation and minor changes to your Estate Plan at no additional cost.  

·     The Estate Plan is written in plain, simple English, which also includes various supporting documents that explain & summarize the Estate Plan.


Cost of preparing your Estate Plan can be higher for complicated estates, multiple properties or much higher if you are fortunate enough to have an estate valued over eleven million dollars.  Costs are much lower if only specific documents are needed.  I am also available to analyze your current documents and provide recommendations at an hourly consulting rate.  I am very flexible and will work with your priorities and hopefully not when you are addressing a life crisis.

Cost – Simple Will Program – I also have a simple will program that includes simples wills, California statutory powers of attorneys & health care directives.  The cost of this program is $500 for a couple.  This program is primary geared for those looking to name guardians for their minor children.  This is an excellent starter estate-planning program for young couples with minor children or anyone else with limited assets. 

I may not be the least expensive Estate Planning attorney, but I am the best value!

Please contact me to set up an appointment.

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