CalFresh Program now open to SSI Users

Written by Robert T. Nickerson

It’s no surprise that the cost of living in California has risen to high levels. This has put some of the neediest people that rely on social security in a tough spot as they are no longer able to afford healthy meals. The good news is that it’ll about to change. 
Starting in June, those that are on SSI or Supplemental Security Income, which is a federal program that provides monthly payments for poor seniors or people with disabilities, will now have access to a great program called CalFresh. This provides the ability to help people who want to inquire more healthy food into their meals.
In fact, starting on May 1, people can start signing up for CalFresh in order to start using it in June. This could help 1.3 million become eligible that need it. This will provide a safety net for those that don’t want to survive on candy bars, Twinkies, and soda pop. 
There are reports of seniors and disabled people that eat few meals a day or even a week, as their options are limited. What they are offered are usually not the best for survival and could even progress any mental problems they may have. Let’s say someone had diabetes and high blood pressure. They may have access to meals on wheels, but may be limited to what they can eat due to an amount of carbs or gluten they can ingest. CalFresh will likely be able to let them have more options available, and more importantly, healthier. 
CalFresh will also allow those that want it, to purchase protein items like chicken and fish.
How CalFresh works is that each registered person is issued a card, a lot like a credit or debt card, and funds are loaded every month and can only be redeemed for products that qualify as healthy. The following include fruits and vegetables, beans, fish, poultry and meat, rice, bread, tortillas and cereals, milk and cheese, and seeds and plants for growing food.
CalFresh cardholders’ funds vary by the number of people in a qualifying household, as well as their incomes and expenses. A single person can receive up to $192 a month, while a family of four receives a monthly maximum of $642. The average household receives about $300 per month.

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